Evangelical Zionism

An Evangelical Response to Israel's Evangelical Enemies

An Evangelical Response to Christian Anti-Zionism: a series of seven short films shot in Jerusalem

An Evangelical Response to Israel's Evangelical Enemies is a series of seven short videos. Total duration is about 45 minutes. The series was filmed in Jerusalem 21-27 May, 2015.

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Perry Trotter is a New Zealand based photographer.

In 2008 Perry began photographing Holocaust survivors and in 2012 co-founded Shadows of Shoah, a unique artistic project dedicated to Holocaust memory and to standing against resurgent antisemitism. The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition was launched by the Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2013 and has since toured museums, galleries and public spaces. His new exhibition River of Tears debuted in Queensland, Australia, in 2016.

Shadows of Shoah is a non-sectarian independent work and is a registered charitable trust. It is unrelated to Evangelical Zionism.

In 2017, in the wake of New Zealand's co-sponsorship of UNSC Resolution 2334, Perry co-founded The Israel Institute of New Zealand, an independent think tank.

He lives near Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife Sheree and two of their four children. 


Steve Murray is an award-winning corporate video producer/director and documentary filmmaker with nearly thirty years’ experience. He is particularly drawn to topics that explore worldview and the consequences of ideas, especially within the context of a Judeo-Christian framework. 

In 2008, he directed and co-wrote “The Voyage That Shook the World”, an international broadcast documentary on the life of Charles Darwin. This explored the theological, philosophical and scientific influences that resulted in Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. The documentary presented the viewer with a range of viewpoints, through comprehensive interviews with academics and scientists with relevant expertise.

Steve lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife and son.