Evangelical Zionism

An Evangelical Response to Israel's Evangelical Enemies

An Evangelical Response to Christian Anti-Zionism: a series of seven short films shot in Jerusalem

Evangelical Zionism


Evangelical Zionism

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Shot in Jerusalem, this series of seven short films responds to Christian anti-Zionism and presents a positive case for biblical Zionism. 


I. Evangelicals Changing Sides

II. Christian Anti-Zionists: In Their Own Words

III. Replacement Theology: Time-Honored Error and Foundation of Sand

IV. The Admission: Explicit and Implicit Acknowledgement

V. The Denigration of the Hebrew Scriptures: Old Lie, New Garb

VI. The Allegedly Silent New Testament

VII. An Ethnically Cleansed Messiah: The Imaginary Christ of Christian anti-Zionism

Total run time approx 46 minutes.

Script and Presentation: Perry Trotter 

Videography and Editing: Steve Murray