Evangelical Zionism

An Evangelical Response to Israel's Evangelical Enemies

An Evangelical Response to Christian Anti-Zionism: a series of seven short films shot in Jerusalem

Feedback (Unpublished)

...a very fine production, and should especially help in the communication of the truth at a popular level. I have watched it all and found myself in total agreement with the presentation. This is so vitally needed today.

Dr Barry Horner, Author of Future Israel


...these are amazing. We're actually going to integrate them with our Christian college student trip follow up. Great resources. Great quality.

Robert Nicholson, Executive Director of the Philos Project


...extremely well scripted and produced.

Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries


Extremely well done! I am passing this along. God bless your work.

Paul Rood, Adjunct Professor of Political Science and History, Biola


I think this is the best media in its category I have ever seen! They are beautifully shot and edited and you are incredibly articulate and clear. You state things simply and to the point. I am so impressed! 

Todd Morehead, Filmmaker


Outstanding Video Series on Replacement theology. I will pass it on to other colleagues in ministry. Great Job!

Donald Perkins, Bible Scholar