Evangelical Zionism

An Evangelical Response to Israel's Evangelical Enemies

An Evangelical Response to Christian Anti-Zionism: a series of seven short films shot in Jerusalem


Aotearoa Jerusalem Covenant



We, as the indigenous people of Aotearoa, along with all those of goodwill:



Declare our gratitude to the Jewish people for the blessing they have been to us, and to all peoples.



Recognise the Jews as indigenous to the land of Israel, and that they have for millennia maintained a strong connection to their homeland despite expulsion, dispossession and dispersion. 



Affirm as just and right the self-determination of the Jewish people, their regathering in their ancestral land, and Israel’s identity as the Jewish state.



Acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s ancient and undivided capital, and as the City of the Great King. 



Commit to support the Jewish people in the face of antisemitism, anti-Israel bias and anti-Zionism.